Monday, October 24, 2011

Through the Fire by Shawn Grady

Growing up I never really wanted to be a fireman, I was more of the policeman type.  As I have gotten older (and hopefully wiser) I have come to realize more and more that I think I would like to be a firefighter.  Not in a big city like NewYork or Chicago, or even Reno (where this book is based), but in a small community.

Aiden O'Neill (or A-O) is a third generation firefighter and is beginning to have some trouble "hearing" the fire when he goes in.  He has an inate talent to "hear" the fire and know what it is going to do next ... so did his dad.  The problem is, his dad died in a fire five years ago ... in a circumstance where he shouldn't have been in harm's way.

This is what is making Aiden think about life ... well that and him almost getting his new partner killed in an accident where he wasn't following orders.  Aiden is "every-man" ... working hard to make something of himself, often putting it before everything else.  His life is in shambles and he is places on two week leave.  He visits his uncle in Mexico and comes back to face his fears once again.  He speaks candidly to his father's friend Ben, and Ben tells him that he can still hear the fire ... he just needs to listen.  Kinda like we can always hear God talking, but are we really listening.

Decent read ... it was worth the time.

Rating: 3/5

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